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I love Dutch Blitz! I remember when I was first introduced to the game. I was an exchange student in Germany when I was 16. I was babysitting four children and the youngest showed me the colorful cards and asked me to play. First I watched the four children play it together. Man they were fast! It looked like a lot of fun, so I jumped in next time they played. I got beat by a five-year-old. :/ Haha.

Turns out that my parents also were taught the game from some church friends. When I came back to America they had a deck. My playing seemed to improve a LOT as I appeared unstoppable against my parents. Then the power shifted. My little brother wanted to play. Ah, victory was nice while it lasted. He's got awesome refects and is a real challenge to play against.

On Thanksgiving we introduced the game to my husband, pastorcreig, who started this community. He immediately got super excited about the game (although he came in last every time we played!) hehe. He is hilarious to play with because he bursts out with "OOhhh ooohh ahhh yes whahaha ahhhahhaa" and other odd noises randomly as he plays. Whenever he gets on a roll and can play a few cards in a row he bubbles over with excitement and speeds up, usually making broad piles of cards, rather than stacks.

It reminds me of one Christmas when I got my mom the new Uno, where you push the button and the machine spits cards at you. EVERY time the machine spit out cards, Mom burst out laughing. It was awesome.

Speaking of Moms, I got so tickled last night when we showed the game to Creig's mom. She spent all her time building up the three cards in front of her, instead of emptying her blitz pile and getting cards out in the middle. Then she had a run of 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and she just grabbed the 4 out of the middle of it and played it on a stack. LOL. When I told her that she could only play the 2, she said, "Where?!?". Hehe. Fun times.

Anyway, I hope anyone reading this will join and share how you were introduced to the game and some fun memories. If you've got any new variations, let us know! :D
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